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We provide professional academic translation services at Biostatseasy. Through our efforts, we enable writers from all around the world to share their writing across borders and cultural obstacles. Academic translations typically call an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. For this reason, we carefully select subject-matter specialists from your area of expertise to uphold and improve the accuracy of your writings in the target language.

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A high-quality, professional translation service by specialist translators into native English, with a wide range of content types and languages We provide high quality services of professional nature. Our translators comprise of experts with enough expertise, knowledge, skills, and talents in different fields of the translation projects.


Translation and Editing

A combination of our professional translation service with editing to meet your target journal's requirements.This includes a thorough check of spelling and grammar. A separate quality control check is also carried out before returning your assignment to you.

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Academic papers

Books and book chapters

Leaflets and brochures

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