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Statistical analysis

We assist our clients with data collection and mining, sample size estimation, interpretation, meta analyses, and statistical peer reviewing.


We provide professional academic translation services at biostatseasy. Through our efforts, we enable writers from all around the world to share their writing across borders and cultural obstacles.


For researchers and scientists working in all scientific domains, Biostatseasy offers the highest caliber expert editing and proofreading services in the field of science. Our scientific editors and proofreaders are experts in a variety of fields and scientific fields in addition to being fluent English speakers.


We offer a variety of standard training and workshop packages, as well as customized services to meet your specific requirements. Experienced statistical consultants and editors provide training on a variety of topics.

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The primary goal of analysis is to determine whether an event is reflecting a true effect or a false one. Any bias in data collection or method of analysis selection will increase the likelihood of drawing a biased inference. Bias can occur when the number of study participants recruited falls below the minimum required to demonstrate statistical power or when a sufficient follow-up period is not maintained to demonstrate an effect. To ensure world-class data analysis, a team of analysts brings more than 20 years of teaching, academic supervision, and research work together to assist your research in any content area with manuscript preparation, grant proposals, program evaluation, editing and formatting, various types of statistical analyses, and defense preparation.


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The new form of currency is data. Technological advancements are transforming business practices across industries and governments, and an increasing amount of data digitization and data generation in government is on the rise. The amount of information available on the Internet is increasing and becoming more complex. As the potential value of big data grows, so does government awareness. To name a few, public sector transactions, employment, education, manufacturing, and agriculture generate a large amount of publicly available data. In addition to increasing productivity and growth, big data analytics applications can help the government improve efficiency and combat fraud. Collaboration with private organizations can assist the government and public sector in providing better services to citizens and responding to their needs more quickly and accurately.

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The healthcare sector produces a lot of data, but it has a hard time turning that data into insights that enhance patient outcomes and operational effectiveness. Making healthcare data easier to share with coworkers and outside partners and easier to visualize for the general public are just a few of the challenges that data analytics in healthcare is designed to help practitioners tackle. delivering precise data-driven predictions in real-time to help healthcare providers react more swiftly to changing healthcare markets and surroundings and By automating low-impact data management operations, healthcare organizations may improve data cooperation and creativity to turn analytics-ready data into business-ready information.

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Businesses gather client information from a variety of sources, including social media, traditional retail, and e-commerce. Businesses can learn about consumer behavior to offer a more individualized experience by employing data analytics to generate thorough customer profiles from this data. Businesses can employ data analytics to inform decision-making and reduce financial losses. Data analytics can help organizations increase operational effectiveness. Data collection and analysis regarding the supply chain can reveal the source of production delays or bottlenecks and aid in the prediction of potential future issues. In business, risks abound. They consist of employee safety, legal liabilities, uncollected receivables, and customer or staff theft. An organization can use data analytics to better evaluate hazards and implement preventative actions.


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Large datasets that can be used by nonprofits to build statistical models that can improve fundraising are available. To help them pinpoint the appropriate demographics and target them with their marketing efforts, Amnesty International uses segmentation and predictive modeling. Nonprofits can use data science to precisely measure the effectiveness of their operations and to customize their workflows for improved outcomes. Real-time tracking during emergencies and the optimization of rescue efforts can both benefit greatly from data analysis and visualization. The Akshaya Patra foundation, founded in India, used big data to develop a practical approach to provide their mid-day food program to Government schools around the nation.

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Omosileola - University of Lagos

Biostatseasy is God-sent and a lifesaver for me

Biostatseasy is God-sent and a lifesaver for me. Words can’t even say how grateful I am for the services I got. God bless you the services I got. God bless you the services I got. God bless you

Fareedah Muhammad

Amazingly Perfect

I got what I wanted with Biostateasy. Expect to get the best from them. You’ll never be wrong choosing it.

Sulaiman Tanimu

Biostatseasy is the best.

Biostateasy brought an amazing outcome to my data analysis and interpretation, within a very little time. The team of professionals was ready to provide personal support and solution to ensure I got the best results. Thank you @biostatseasy.com

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