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For professors, postdoctoral researchers, and research students in various academic fields, Biostatseasy provides expert journal article editing and proofreading services. To submit your journal manuscript for our journal editing and proofreading services, find out more information.

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Scientific editing is a subset of editing that focuses on journal article editing for submission to scientific or medical journals. Biostatseasy has experience with other types of scientific publications, such as reviews, perspectives, grant proposals, theses and dissertations, and book chapters and books. Biostatseasy has the experience and editorial instinct to advise authors on structure, argument, formatting, style, and other aspects that will help them improve their work.

We also perform a quality assurance check in which we evaluate each manuscript through a series of quality control checks such as spell checking and grammar checking, as well as ensuring that figures and tables are numbered in order and properly cited in the text.


Dissertation Proofreading and Editing by Experts

Graduate Successfully with the Dissertation Proofreading and Editing Services from biostatseasy

Biostatseasy offers the highest caliber expert editing and proofreading services in the field of science. Our scientific editors and proofreaders are experts in a variety of fields and scientific fields in addition to being fluent English speakers. They are familiar with the topics, writing practices, and standards related to scientific publications because they have published their own books and articles as well as advanced research, obtained postgraduate degrees (many of them PhDs), taught and evaluated students, and published their own scientific books and articles.

Manuscript Editing Services by Experts

Trusted Manuscript Editing & Proofreading Services for Successful Publication

It takes significant effort to write an original research manuscript for submission to an academic journal or press, but as most researchers quickly learn, meticulous manuscript editing is necessary to submit excellent work, pass peer review, and secure a journal article or academic book successful publication. For university professors, experienced researchers, postgraduate students, and other professional authors who produce and publish research documents across all academic and scientific subjects.


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