Summary Statistics

Summary statistics give an overview of a system without attempting to explain what is happening on the inside or forecast future developments. These provide you with a summary of the information in your data and are typically presented as tables or straightforward charts. When you only need to capture and present the data you gathered, whether it be for a laboratory experiment or a large-scale survey, summary statistics are perfect.


Exploratory Data Analysis

Although sometimes a prelude to more in-depth statistical research and modeling, this practice is nonetheless highly beneficial. To assist you understand what's happening, the EDA starts by investigating the connections between the variables in your data set. It looks for patterns and trends. We will test hypotheses to see what kinds of processes might have produced your data. To assist you express the results and comprehend in layman's terms what is happening, complicated relationships are displayed using sophisticated visualisation techniques in an easily-digestible manner.

Statistical Analysis

Predictive models and hypothesis tests are both statistical analyses. They are used to provide detailed answers to inquiries concerning current events or potential future events. They provide you a thorough understanding of your data so you may draw conclusions with clarity and make wise decisions.


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